Sunday, April 18, 2010

First Ever!

So this is my first post how exciting! I've been viewing a lot of blogs for about six months and was just so amazed and inspired with the creativity and decided to try myself! I plan on sharing what I've created as well as maybe some family topics. I hope you enjoy my creations So let's get started! I created these mini albums for a friend of mine who is having twins! (oh my!)


  1. This project is so it...just wanted to respond to your question on my blog about my tea light covers...I didn't do anything special to them so they wouldn't catch on seems they are large enough that the flame is not close to the paper...I had them going for about 30 min. to get the pictures, and I didn't have a problem...of course I wouldn't leave them unattended...just in case the covers moved in the wind or something and got close to the flame.

  2. Very cute! Have fun...are you a demonstrator? If not, you should be!


  3. How sweet--twin albums for twin babies! Just adorable! I am now following you Kimmie!

    Big Cricky Hugs,
    K Andrew